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Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Alumni Association acts as a vital link between the alumni and their parent Institution. Alumni Meet is organized every year by the association in the month of April . The meet turns out to be a Home coming as it enables the alumni to reconnect with the Institution and to rejuvenate with nostalgic memories.
The day is filled with lot of activites,interaction where the alumni comes to know the progress of the Instituion and give their feed back for further improvements.

Goals and Objectives

  • Revive the relationship and to strengthen the bondage with the alma mater
  • Foster friendship and stay in touch with all members
  • Contribute and work for the welfare of the Institution
  • Provide a feed back for improvement
  • Mentor the present students through informal meetings


Sree Narayana Guru College of Commerce,
P.L.Lokhande Marg,
Chembur (West), Mumbai- 400089.
Maharashtra, INDIA
Phone: 022-25263132/23

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