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NOT ME BUT YOU-the cardinal motto of NSS has myriad ideas for community service and nation building.By steering the youth in to these services of Society , vital attributes like compassion,environmental awareness,sense of Responsibility, tolerance, leadership ,morality,benevolence ,patriotism,etc are inculated in them.

Incharge [Aided Section]

CA. Mrs. Harshada M. Bhise is appointed as the program officer of the Cell this year.She belongs to Accountancy Department and has been teaching for the last 30 years in our Institution.
Email Id: hmbhise1@gmail.com

Incharge [UnAided Section]

Mr. Mohammed Jabir Usman Joined as an NSS Programme officer since November 2015, completed training under 90th ETI training conducted at Ahmed Nagar college, Ahmed Nagar, Maharashtra from 13th March 2016 to 19th March 2016.
Email Id: mohammedjabirusmangani@gmail.com

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