Master of Commerce Accountancy
Introduction :
M.Com Accountancy is a two year course,.To pursue M.Com in Accountancy degree the candidate is required to have bachelor’s degree with commerce subjects like accounts, maths and economics. Accounting is essentially the communication process through which financial information is passed to its users such as shareholders. A graduate after completion of his/her course can initially join as a trainee or an accountant. Accountants can also seek employment in various sectors such as in government and private sectors, public accounting firms, markets research, budget planning, corporations and consultancies.
Eligibility :
A learner for being eligible for admission to the Post Graduate Programme i.e. Master of Commerce, shall have passed the examination for the degree of Bachelor of Commerce of this University (Three Years/Six Semester Integrated Course) or the degree of B. Com. (Old Course) or the other Semester based Programmes i.e. Bachelor of Commerce (Banking and Insurance) or Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) Or Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Market) or Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S.) of this University, OR an examination of any other University recognized as equivalent thereto.
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