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The College library is equipped with several reference books and magazines. The College subscribes 13 journals and 16 newspapers of various languages. The College also has 2 additional spacious reading rooms to serve the students. The College library is providing the facility of N-List which includes subscription of e-journals, e-books etc. It also has computers with internet access in the library which is frequently used by students. Every year library organises an exhibition of books which has good response from faculties and students.

 Access To The E-Resources of Library


⦁ Principal Dr.Ravindran Karathadi
⦁ Librarian Dr.S.Hosamani
⦁ Committee Incharge-Ms.Naveena Suresh (Assistant Professor)
⦁ Member-Dr.S.P.Hinduja(Assistant Professor)
⦁ Member-Ms.Mahtab Khan (Assistant Professor)
⦁ Member-Mr.Priyadarshan Shede (Assistant Professor)
⦁ Bhaurao Pundkar-(Library Assistant)
⦁ Aditya Chile-(Student representative)
⦁ Shubhashini Singh-(Student representative)

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Sree Narayana Guru College of Commerce,
P.L.Lokhande Marg,
Chembur (West), Mumbai- 400089.
Maharashtra, INDIA
Phone: 022-25263132/23

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