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Code of Conduct

1. Students shall abide by the rules and regulations of the college and behave in a way that highlights the discipline of the college.

2. A six-day working schedule from Monday to Saturday is followed. The classes are scheduled stream wise. The students shall attend the national anthem and the classes punctually.

3. Students should complete mandatory 75% attendance required as a part of eligibility.

4. No student shall enter or leave the classroom when the session is on without the permission of teachers.

5. Students should produce leave note at the time of absence.

6. The students shall give respect to teachers and staff.

7. The students should not be involved in ragging acts.

8. The students should not get involved in eve teasing and behave disrespectfully with the girl students and women in the campus.

9. Students should strictly follow dress code and carry identity cards in the campus.

10. Students should not use cell phone in the classroom.

11. Students should read notices daily displayed on board, sent by mail or social media.

12. Students should participate in co curricular and extracurricular activities as per their interest.

13. Students should follow the rules of internal as well university examination.

14. Students should follow rules made by library time to time.

15. Students should be eco-friendly by involving in green practices.

16. Unfair Means: The use of unfair means by students at any examination will invite severe punitive and disciplinary action under the rules and regulations now in force.

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