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College Development Committee

The CDC is constituted as per provisions of Sec 97 of Mumbai Universities Act, 2016. The members hold office for a term of 5 years. Any vacancy being filled as per the provisions of the Act. The CDC meets at least 4 times in a year.

Functions of CDC:

  • It prepares the overall Development Plan of the College.
  • It decides the Academic Calendar: the teaching programs(new & existing), workload & requirement of teachers, non-teaching staff.
  • It frames a smooth admission procedure as per norms;
  • It gives recommendations to the management to encourage and strengthen research culture, consultancy and extension activities, academic collaborations, use of ICT in teaching learning, training facility to staff.
  • It recommends management for approval of the Annual financial statements & Budget.
  • It decides the welfare schemes of the College for staff & students, other events like Annual Day, Sports Day, Inter collegiate events, Seminar/Conferences etc and also the prizes/ awards to be given.
  • It reviews the various reports, viz., IQAC & NAAC report, statutory audit report, Local Inquiry report & suggests suitable action.
  • It recommends appropriate steps regarding the discipline, safety and security issues of the college.
  • It prepares & submits the Annual report of the College to the management & University.
  • Perform such other duties as may be entrusted by the management and the University.

College Development Commitee Members

1 Shri. M. I. Damodaran Chairman
2 Shri. N. Sasidharan Special Invitee
3 Prin. Dr. Ravindran Karathadi Member Secretary
4 Shri. N. S. Salimkumar Member
5 Shri. O. K. Prasad Special Invitee
6 Prin. Dr. T. P. Madhu Nair Member Education
7 Shri. Sudish Sukumaran Member-Industry
8 Prin. Dr. Ajay M. Bhamre Member-Research
9 Dr. Hinduja Srichand IQAC Co-ordinator
10 Shri. Rahul Suresh Gupta Memeber Social Service-Alumni
11 Smt. Jayshree Venkatachalam Memeber Rep. of Teaching Staff
12 Shri. Vandana H. Gupta Memeber Rep. of Teaching Staff
13 Smt. Naveena Suresh Memeber Rep. of Teaching Staff
14 Dr. Karishma Kasare Member Nominated
15 Shri. Rajesh Appa Khaire Member Rep. of Non-teaching staff

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Sree Narayana Guru College of Commerce,
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Chembur (West), Mumbai- 400089.
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Phone: 022-25263132/23

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