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16-02-2022Annual Sports Meet events - Skipping , Potato Race , Relay Race , Shot put, Standing Broad Jump, 100 M Running, Sack Race, Situps , PushupsCollege /Images/Sports/16-02-2022.jpg
09-02-2022College Interclass Competition : Football & VolleyBallCollege /Images/Sports/09-02-2022.jpg
08-02-2022College Interclass Competition : Box Cricket & BasketballCollege /Images/Sports/08-03-2022.jpg
11-01-2020Annual Sports Day inauguration-Prayer,Welcoming of Chief Guest and Guest of Honour, Speech by Prin.Dr.Ravindran K(Principal Sir), Speech by Chief Guest, Ribbon Cutting and Coconut Breaking,Announcement by Chief Guest for ‘Opening’ of the Event,Oath taking by all,Vote of Thanks by Prof.S.P.HindujaCollege /Images/Sports/11-01-2020.jpg
12-01-2020Annual Sports Day Events-Running Race,Sack Race,Relay,Potato Race,Shotput,Skipping,Standing broad jumpCollege /Images/Sports/12-01-2020.jpg
22-12-2019College Interclass Competition :Cricket Total Participated 80 Winner 1st TYBCOM 2nd TYBBI VolleyBall Total Participated 36 Winner 1st BSc-IT 2nd BMMCollege /Images/Sports/22-12-2019.jpg
13-12-2019College Interclass Competition :Carrom G/B Total Participated 40 Winner Boys 1 st Ansari Salim(MCOM) 2 nd Ravindra Kamble(TYBBI) 3rd Pratik(SYBAF)Girls 1 st Shaikh Shifa(TYBFM) 2 nd Karishma Jaiswar(SYBMS) 3rd Jyoti Shamrao (TYBCOM)Chess Total Participated 16 Winner 1st Vijay(TYBBI") 2nd Sachin(FYBCOM) 3rd Pratik(SYBMM)College /Images/Sports/13-12-2019.jpg
11-12-2019College Interclass Competition:BasketBall Boys-Total participated 24Winner:1st BMM 2nd BSc-IT Kabaddi G/B Total participated 82 Winner Girls-1st BCOM 2nd BSc-IT Boys 1st BMM 2nd BSc-IT Kho-Kho G/B Total Participated-70 Winner Girls-1st BCOM 2 nd BSc-IT Boys-1st BMM 2nd BSc-ITCollege