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National University Students’ Skill Development

NUSSD courses are designed on an integrated framework that pedagogically links academic course content, skill training and application for well-being as a “credit-blearing educational experience”. In addition to imparting skills required for expertise in a vocation, the Courses will also foster inner capacities of students, inculcating within them values of civic responsibility; and build their competencies to work effectively in complex, inter-related environments.

Objectives of NUSSD Courses

  • Impart career oriented employability skills along with degree and enable youth to gain sustainable and relevant job opportunities after graduation.
  • Awaken the full potential of youth and prepare them to be responsible citizens and agents of social and economic transformation.
  • Inculcate a strong values of civic responsibility and concern towards the welfare of people.
  • The College introduced the NUSSD Programme in November, 2013 in association with Tata Institute of Social Sciences for our undergraduate students free of cost. This skill development programme enables our students to enhance their employment skills in their chosen area of specialization in their graduation. Tata Institute of Social Sciences awards certificates of Foundation Programme, Diploma and Advanced Diploma when they successfully complete the programme respectively in the first, second and third years of their studies.

    Course Curriculum Details

    1. Credit earned: First year – Certificate Course (20 Credits)
      Second Year – Diploma Course (40 Credits)
      Third Year – Advanced Diploma (66 to 80 Credits)
    2. Curriculum Development is done by group of skill area specialization drawn from industry, government and academia in each of skill areas as well as competencies.
    3. The course credits will be spread over three years of graduation; and in each semester, the student will gain 2 to 4 credits of taught courses followed by 15 to 30 days of Field work/ Internship in appropriate work location (for 4 credits).
    4. Field work/Internship in urban/rural contexts in community and industrial set up will be organized during holiday/vacation for 15 days in winter and 30 to 45 days in summer to gain hands on practical experience.
    5. All students enrolled for NUSSD will gain competency in following areas –
      Foundation Courses (for all students)
      1. Motivating Youth for Skill Building
      2. Digital literacy
      3. English Communication & Soft skills
      4. Financial Literacy
      5. Legal Literacy
      6. Youth Leadership and People Skills
      7. Working with community leading Field Practicum
      Domain Courses : After successful completion of the foundation programme students can choose one of the domain courses in inter-related skill areas in their second and third years of graduation. All domain areas will have entrepreneurship and livelihood modules.
    6. Certification by School of Vocational Education (SVE), Tata Institute of Social Sciences will be co-branded with industry/academic partner, and will be recognized by Industry for skills and competencies, that enhance employability of the graduates both locally and nationally.
    7. Many students who joined for NUSSD Programme placed in reputed companies through campus interviews.
    8. Theory classes of the NUSSD Programme will be conducted by adding two periods everyday in their regular lecture time-table.

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