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Postgraduate Programmes

M.Com. (Banking & Finance)

M.Com. in Banking and Finance is a 2 year post graduate banking course. The candidates who like to take up this course must possess basic eligibility with graduation degree in commerce stream with minimum demanded scores between 45% to 50%. Admission process of this course is carried out based on the candidate’s performance in their bachelor’s degree in same stream. M.Com. in Banking and Finance is a banking course that is the study of concepts of banking, banking law, finance and financial management. The students have strong in communication skills and completion abilities are suitable to take up this course. This course also requires strong mathematical ability skills that are necessary for investment banking and also need some teamwork skills that are necessary for banking and finance lines. Also the candidates are also capable of taking their job in the employment areas like banks, credit companies, business schools, Indian economic services, consultancies etc.Our College started this programme in 2016.

+  Courses Offered

        + First Year

Semester I Semester II

◎ Strategic Management

◎ Economics for Business Decisions

◎ Cost and Management Accounting

◎ Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

◎ Research Methodology for Business

◎ Macro Economics Concepts and Applications

◎ Corporate Finance

◎ E-Commerce

        + Second Year

Semester III Semester IV

◎ Banking Law & Practices

◎ Legal Framework of Banking

◎ Commercial Bank Management

◎ Project Work-I

◎ Cooperative Banking System

◎ Financial Institutions and Markets

◎ Accounting and Auditing of Banking

◎ Project Work-II

+  Syllabus


+  Career Options

       + Job Opportunities:

◎ Assistant Accountant

◎ Accountant

◎ Senior Account Executive

◎ Cashier

◎ Personal Finance Consultant

◎ Business Consultant

◎ Teachers/Lecturer

◎ Financial Analyst

◎ Corporate Analyst

◎ Investment Banker

◎ Finance Manager

◎ Operations Manager

       +  Higher Education

◎ Doctorate Degree

◎ International Finance Reporting Standards

◎ Certificate Course in Banking, Stock Market, Derivatives, Income Tax

◎ Chartered Financial Analyst

◎ Company Secretaries

◎ Master of Philosophy


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